Regulate Crypto Bad Actors, Not the Asset: Here’s How

• Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen significant gains in value this year, following a decline in 2020.
• The U.S. Federal Reserve appears to be winning its inflation battle and increasing investor appetite for riskier assets such as crypto.
• Scandals and blowups of 2022 have set the stage for regulatory action in the coming months and years.

Crypto Recovery in 2023

Despite the events of 2020, cryptocurrencies are back on their feet again this year, with Bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) up around 39% and 33%, respectively since January 1st. The rise of these digital assets is being buoyed by an improved macroeconomic landscape due to the U.S Fed’s success at controlling inflation, as well as a general increase in investor appetite for riskier investments including cryptos.

FTX Troubles & Regulatory Action

The troubles of FTX, Genesis, Gemini, Three Arrows Capital, Celsius and other individual players has created a wave of scandals that has caught the attention of regulators in Washington D.C., who are now paying closer attention to cryptocurrencies than ever before.. Perianne Boring – founder and CEO of Chamber of Digital Commerce – has warned that “It’s a dangerous mix” when lawmakers are less likely to meet with crypto companies despite crypto policy being top priority on their agenda list. As a result expect more regulatory action in the near future targeting bad actors rather than the asset itself.

The Most Important Conversation

A key event happening this April 26-28 is taking place in Austin Texas which will bring together some of the most important conversations about Crypto & Web3 technology currently underway today . This event promises to be an invaluable opportunity for both investors & developers alike interested in learning more about blockchain technology & related issues from industry experts & leading figures from within crypto space .

About Glenn Williams

Glenn C Williams Jr is a Crypto Markets Analyst who possesses an extensive background when it comes to traditional finance research & analysis . His experience includes looking into individual cryptocurrency protocols , decentralized finance applications , and crypto based funds – which he owns himself (BTC , ETH , UNI , DOT , MATIC , AVAX). He can also be found on Twitter under @GwilliamsJr_CMT where he shares his insights into various topics related to cryptocurrency markets & technologies .


In conclusion it appears that even after all the troubles experienced throughout 2021 there is still plenty of optimism surrounding cryptocurrency markets . Despite recent scandals leading to increased regulatory scrutiny – so far it seems that legislators are more focused on targeting bad actors instead of punishing those who use or invest into cryptos themselves . With potentially groundbreaking conversations about Web3 technology happening soon – now may just be one of best times for newcomers interested getting involved with cryptocurrencies!